Water Treatment Services

Bringing purified water to you, for your precious life.

Life is a special gift. Safe drinking water is the most significant way of ensuring that such a precious gift is given appropriate respect. We understand the importance of clean water which is why we perpetually strive to offer the most upgraded purification services, water treatment solutions and consultation. Our services include :

Water Treatments

The special chemical treatments formulated by Chemdrex Chemicals are designed to work alone or in combination to solve the majority of the problems related to water bores such as:
  • Removal and control of iron bacteria and other bio-films
  • Removal of mineral scale
  • And other problems.

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Chemical Suppliers

The chemicals produced in our facility with the aid of latest technology is best suited for treating impure groundwater. The chemicals readied in our plants include -
  • ALBA - Anti-bacterial agent for treating iron bacteria in water bores
  • ALBA PLUS - Anti-bacterial agent plus chemical for dissolving calcium scale in water bores
  • ASCA 200 - a wetting agent and surfactant

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Water Drilling

Our drilling services have received commendable feedback from our clients from industrial, commercial, local as well as private sections. We specialise in designing and monitoring construction of water wells for industrial, agricultural and domestic purposes. Read more about our water drilling services.

Water Purification

Since 1978 our team of experts on water treatment techniques have been continuously putting their best efforts in addressing water related problems. The chemicals produced by us boast of supreme quality. Read more.

Groundwater Treatment Services

In our attempt to provide unadulterated groundwater to our clients, we have supplied Australia-made water well screens. Moreover, we have also advised groundwater users on bore designs, assessed rehabilitation programmes and conducted field supervision of drilling projects. Know more.

Water Bore Screens

Water bore screens are custom designed and manufactured as required in our Brisbane Factory. They are carefully packaged and dispatched via the best and quickest...
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Handling & Transport

The packaging is designed to meet the requirements of The Dept of Transport for road and rail. All the products are packaged in 20 litre drums or 20kg pails. This size is convenient for handling .
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Client's Testimonial

What they say about our work
  • Excelent help and supprrt from GorDon K Monkman for my water supply .
    by James Masssan
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  • The ground water treatment conducted by this organization is far from excellent. I am quite happy with their effort and a big thanks to the professionals. They know how to act and make things simple. Thank you keep up the good work.
    by Will Smith
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  • I am really very happy to have availed services from this company. The water treatment they conducted for my residence was done in a scientific manner. Thank you so much for your effort. Kudos !!
    by John Smith
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