Water Drilling

Water Well Drilling Service

Going deeper for cleaner water

We specialize in designing and supervising construction and drilling of water wells in local, commercial as well as private sections of the society. We are a fully insured and registered water well drilling company. Our organization makes every effort to provide water that’s safe and free of disease. The experienced drillers at Chemdrex do the job efficiently, on time and on budget.

Our involvement in developing the techniques of water drilling service, extends to understanding site hydrogeology and using comprehensive drilling rigs. Discerning clients throughout Australia pay a lot of importance to our advice on submersible well pump and water treatment solutions, making us one of the most reliable drilling and hydraulic solution services in the entire continent. We have acquired the trust of millions through a constant effort to better our services over the years.

Our skilled engineers take a lot of care in the construction of wells with fantastic hydraulic efficiency so that only the purest form of water reaches you. Our multiple water treatment services have benefitted many across domestic, industrial and agricultural segments.

We never compromise on the quality of our services. Fair and reasonable quotations for top-class drilling services, maintaining healthy practices of work and safe work conditions for our employees are some of our priorities. To know more about our water drilling services,contact us.

Water Bore Screens

Water bore screens are custom designed and manufactured as required in our Brisbane Factory. They are carefully packaged and dispatched via the best and quickest...
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Handling & Transport

The packaging is designed to meet the requirements of The Dept of Transport for road and rail. All the products are packaged in 20 litre drums or 20kg pails. This size is convenient for handling .
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Client's Testimonial

What they say about our work
  • Excelent help and supprrt from GorDon K Monkman for my water supply .
    by James Masssan
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  • The ground water treatment conducted by this organization is far from excellent. I am quite happy with their effort and a big thanks to the professionals. They know how to act and make things simple. Thank you keep up the good work.
    by Will Smith
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  • I am really very happy to have availed services from this company. The water treatment they conducted for my residence was done in a scientific manner. Thank you so much for your effort. Kudos !!
    by John Smith
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